Ultimate Kayaking - Crocodile

Strength, coordination and instincts

Go across the only water canals in Cancun where your strength, intelligence, coordination and instincts will be your only guides. Row with the audacity of a crocodile and feel as you become one with the water. Here, you’ll discover the park’s remote sites.

Intense Rope Course - Monkeys

Dominate the heights

Take your place in one of the four levels that’ll put your physical and mental strength to the test. A challenge of hanging obstacles, spiderwebs, wheels, wooden trunks, and original, unexpected elements. Can you put gravity to the test in all the levels?

Serpent - Tough Cubs

Big challenges for the little ones

Even the smallest ones go wild in Xavage! Tough Cubs is a special area for kids from 5 to 11 years old where they’ll find challenges like waterslides, hanging bridges, water jets, and a wading pool. The perfect place to set their wild spirit free in all safety.

Hawk Flight

Conquer the skies

Have you always dreamed of flying? This is your chance to do so. Feel the wind and the thrill of exploring the sky in a very singular zip-line that’ll have you spreading your wings just like a hawk would.

Fierce Jet Boat - Dragonfly

Speed on water

Speed up to 53 mph between narrow water canals on board of a speedboat piloted by an expert captain. You’ll be changing directions swiftly as a dragonfly and soak yourself up with 180 and 360 degree turns. Adrenaline and speed on water!

Electrifying Rapids - Barracuda

Can you tame the current?

Challenge the only whitewater rapids in Cancun and Riviera Maya on board a raft. Descend through a powerful current with the help of a certified guide. Teamwork, mental strength and coordination will be the key to accomplish this challenge.

Rock Crawler - Puma

Power on wheels

Take control of a powerful all-terrain vehicle through an obstacle course that will put your skills on wheels to the test. Conquer inclined slopes, huge blocks, junk cars and many more unpredictable challenges.