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Enjoy the most extreme adventures in Cancún and the Riviera Maya

Fear makes you feel alive, that's why you probably like to experience it in doses that you can enjoy. If this sounds familiar, then surely you love the electrical feeling that runs down your spine when you are on the edge of a cliff or when you ride an exciting thrill ride that drops you at great speed.
Now, when thinking about vacations in Cancun, it is almost certain that images of beautiful beaches of fine sand, the turquoise sea and pyramids of the Mayan civilization come to your mind. You think of relaxation, sunsets, and beautiful jungle scenery, but is that all there is to do in this world-famous area? For those looking for something more exciting, there are extreme activities in this area of ​​the Mexican Caribbean.

Water jet ride

Board a fast jet boat or speed boat that will take you to break waves of the Caribbean Sea at Xcaret and Xel-Há, or through narrow water canals at Xavage, where the captain will perform immersions, 360° turns, sudden changes of speed, as well as sudden changes in direction.
A water jet ride is an excellent adventure if you are looking for activities in the Riviera Maya.

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Buggy Off Road

Buggies are light off-road vehicles that usually have large wheels, a lightweight chassis, and a body without a hard roof. These vehicles are ideal for the beach or a complicated terrain in the jungle. Conquer a challenging road riddled with obstacles that will make you demonstrate your driving skills .

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Rafting consists of descending the turbulent waters of a river on a rowing boat. It can be practiced alone or in teams, according to the capacity of the boat. The difficulty of the river is classified into up to six categories, the sixth being practically unnavigable. Take your oar and get ready for the adventure.

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The only rapids of Cancun and the Riviera Maya are in Xavage.


Parasailing or paragliding is an activity in which a person is tied to a parachute which in turn is tied to the back of a motor boat. The parachute gains height as the boat begins to gain speed. The direction of the parachute is dictated by the boat and the air currents. Admire the landscape from above .

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Swim with nurse shark

The nurse shark is completely harmless to humans . It feeds by sucking molluscs, crustaceans, oysters, sea cucumbers, and whatever it finds on the seabed. Sharks are a misunderstood species, dare to lose your fear by swimming with them.

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Snuba ®

Snuba® is an underwater activity inspired by diving , with the difference that the oxygen tank remains on the surface, connected to the respirator by a long hose that allows you to swim without difficulty. Explore the seabed with complete freedom.

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Originally created as military exercises, zip-lines consist of a long cable –usually of steel– suspended in decline, along which a person glides in a harness by means of a pulley. Did you know that you can ride sitted, head down, or even held only by your own hands?

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Rope course

A rope course is a structure with ropes suspended in the air; depending on the level of difficulty, the ropes can be found at different heights. Its origin dates back to France, years before the Second World War. Although its use was focused on physical conditioning, it is currently considered as a recreational adventure activity. Lose fear of heights.

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Water Slides

Water slides may not sound like something very adventurous, but there are different types of slides. The main differentiators are the height, which reaches up to 131 ft (40 m) or even more; and the inclination, which varies from 40% onwards among extreme slides. Do not forget: the higher the tilt, the more speed you reach!

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