Xavage Park Facilities

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Food and beverages

Delight yourself at El Embarcadero restaurant, where depending on the time of the day, you can enjoy breakfast, brunch, or lunch.

No matter the hour, there's always an exquisite buffet to enjoy the delicious flavors of Mexican gastronomy in a perfect combination of fresh, healthy, and high-quality ingredients.

Remember that starting with the Xavage Hard admission (four total activities), one buffet meal with drinks is included.

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You will find six themed shops distributed throughout the park, offering several items such as toiletries, equipment to make the activities more comfortable, and souvenirs of your experience at Xavage. Everything you need for a day of fun.

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Rest areas

Even the most savages need a break. Regain your energy in the rest areas of the park to then continue enjoying the rest of the activities. Relax on hammocks, chairs, and lounge chairs.

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Dressing rooms and lockers

At Xavage you can make use of dressing rooms,showers, and lockers to safeguard your belongings.

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Photo services

All the pictures of your experience!

At Xavage you will find 31 Xelfie spots throughout the park, in the best places to capture impressive moments from the best angles. At the end of your experience, you can see all your photographs and purchase them if you like.

Tips to get the best pictures

  • Keep the helmet on at all times during your visit, since it activates the cameras.
  • Smile everytime you see the “Smile!” sign, you are about to get photographed.
  • Take as many pictures as possible; the photo packages include all the pictures for the same price.
  • Keep your face uncovered and keep your distance with other visitors so all your pictures are personal.
  • All photographs are digital and you can download them 24 hours after your visit using your ticket number.

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In a park where the activities are so extreme, safety is a priority. That’s why it’s mandatory to wear a helmet during all activities: life jacket in the aquatic ones, harness on the ones that take you to the air, and seat belt on the off road vehicles. In addition, guides, lifeguards, and captains are highly qualified to carry out their activities and are trained in emergency response. The park has a First Aid Unit to handle any unforeseen circumstance.