About Xavage

How bold are you?

At Xavage you will discover how wild you are with the most intense activities
of Cancun and the Riviera Maya
. Decide your level of boldness and choose the activities that suit you best.

Add and combine the activities of the park to spend a day as extreme as you want:
aquatic, terrestrial, or through the air; three, four, five, or all activities!

Xavage Soft

Ultimate Kayaking - Crocodile

On board a kayak, paddle stealthy and strong, in an adventure that takes you through the only water canals in Cancun.

Intense Rope Course - Monkeys

Test your skills, balance and strength to get across a circuit of ropes hanging in the air in four levels which go from 26 ft (8 m) to 118 ft (36 m) high.

Tough Cubs - Serpent

The little ones also have their wild side, and at Xavage they can unleash it in a place especially for them.
All kids ages 5 to 11 can have fun in waterslides, bridges, fountains, and a wading pool.

Water Activities

Fierce Jet Boat - Dragonfly

Enjoy a ride at full speed on a fast jet boat piloted by an expert captain
who will give a new meaning to “unpredictable”: twists, turns, changes of direction,
increases in speed. You’ll never know what comes next.

Electrifying Rapids - Barracuda

Descend in a raft down the powerful class 3-whitewater rapids and try to tame the stream to test your resistance, coordination and teamwork.

Activities Through Air

Hawk - Flight

Spread your wings and fly through the air at 65 ft (20 m) high with a speed of up to 18 mph (29 km/h) on a horizontal position zip-line that makes you prove that flying is in your nature.

Land Activities

Rock Crawler - Puma

Drive an off-road vehicle to overcome a 15-obstacle course designed to test your pilot abilities.

Food and beverages

By having your admission with two activities included
and two more with additional cost
(four activities in total), one buffet meal with beverages is included.