Safety and Recommendations

Follow these recommendations to make sure you enjoy your experience at Xavage to its fullest.

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Three of the park’s activities involve contact with water, Fierce Jet Boat - Dragonfly, Electrifying Rapids - Barracuda and Ultimate Kayaking - Crocodile, reason why it’s important to wear a swimsuit during your time here.

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Comfortable clothes

Wear Bermuda shorts besides your swimsuit, since the harness for the Hawk Flight and Intense Rope Course - Monkeys activities. Bring a T-shirt that can get wet, an extra change of clothes, and a towel. Lockers are included so you can safeguard all your belongings.

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Water shoes

For your comfort, wear shoes that can get wet and can be fastened to the ankle so they won’t fall off during the activities. In case you don’t bring them, you can purchase them at the stores of the park.

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Don’t forget to bring a towel, since you will only find towels at the Xavage stores for an additional cost.

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To avoid affecting the natural balance of the ecosystem, you should only use sunblock, sunscreen, and insect repellent free of chemicals. Join our program of using biodegradable and chemical-free products.

You can help preserve and take care of our ecosystem!