Activities for Kids in Cancun: splash zone

A special area for the kids at Xavage

Time to get refreshed!

Bigtime fun for the little ones! At Xavage, they will find a special area just for them. Kids from 5 to 11 can spend hours of fun with waterslides, giant buckets, waterjets and a wading pool. Besides, the Children’s Area is surrounded by hammocks, chairs and places to take shade so you can rest while they have fun in complete safety.

This section is the most fun of the places for kids in Cancun, as they can feel free under the waterjets while they find their own world of adventure.

*Kids must be supervised by their parents at all times. The resting areas surrounding are perfect to keep an eye on them comfortably while they get ready for the next adventure.

The activity is always supervised by a lifeguard.

Kid’s activity
Maximum age
11 years old
Minimum age
5 years old