What makes vacations truly memorable, in addition to leaving aside the routine, is to create new memories with your family, partner or friends; it’s about visiting new places and daring to do something you didn’t think was possible.


Surely, you’ve heard of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya as the places to go to for pristine beaches, magical cenotes, millenary archaeological sites, or simply over-the-top gorgeous resorts. But what many don’t know, is that thanks to their incredible natural scenarios, these destinations are also ideal for adventure activities.


Of course, there’s a direct relation between Cancun and water activities. Kayaking, for example, has become a must-do for travelers... but did you know you can also practice rafting here?! There’s room for every type of adventurer in Cancun.


Few things compare to the feeling of accomplishment that comes after completing a personal challenge. At the Ropes Course, you’ll be walking over 24 surprising obstacles while hanging up in the air at different heights: from 26 to 118 ft! At Xavage, you may choose the level of difficulty and height at which you’ll take part in this activity.

Actividades de Aventura | Parque Xavage Cancun

For adventurers

The Ropes Course has four different levels of height. It’s precisely the fourth and last one which represents more of a challenge. Reaching up to 118 ft, adventurers will face a 260-yard course of high difficulty obstacles. The perfect challenge for those looking for intense thrills at one of the most fun activities in Cancun.

For everyone

The great advantage of this activity is that the whole family can participate. At the lower level (8 m high), the obstacles are stable and require less physical effort; If you feel like taking on a bigger challenge, you can always level up (14 or 25 m high). A perfect activity for children with a minimum height of 4 ft, who wish to have fun in the most original way.


Rafting is one of the most sought-after activities among adventurers. Here you come face to face with the unpredictable (but controlled) force of nature; Your endurance, concentration and coordination will be key to emerge triumphant.

The rapids in Xavage are not only the longest man-made circuit in the world, but it’s also the only place where you can take on this activity in Cancun. The circuit was designed by Bob Campbell, an international icon in the subject, as the creator of Olympic Games courses in Brazil and Tokyo.

Actividades de Aventura | Parque Xavage Cancun

For adventurers

The longest man-made circuit in the world and the only one starting on a third floor! The Class III waters make this fun adventure a challenge. Along the way, you’ll be going through 7-foot falls, unpredictable waves and swift changes of direction. An expert guide will help you and will be sure to add a couple of tricks up his sleeve to make this even more fun!

For everyone

All through this adventure, you’ll count with the help of an expert guide. Their experience through this river makes this a fun and epic journey. This being a man-made circuit, it’s a completely safe environment for a fun adventure! If you’ve been longing to practice rafting, Xavage is the ideal place to fulfill that dream safely.

Actividades de Aventura | Parque Xavage Cancun


Hop on board a fast Jet Boat with a capacity of up to 10 adventurers. An expert captain will take you full speed along the narrow canals of Xavage, changing directions, adrenaline-boosting 360° spins... Hold on to your seat and wait for the captain’s sign!

For adventurers and for everyone

The Jet Boats used at Xavage work with racing engines and can reach speeds of almost 50 mp/h. Our pilots go through more than 100 hours of intense training before guiding this activity. Besides, our Jet Boats have the highest security standards to let you enjoy the adventure to the fullest!


At Xavage, you’ll be taking the wheel of a powerful Monster Truck designed exclusively to take on the obstacles that’ll be testing your skills along the way. In this circuit, what really counts is your dexterity, not the speed.

Actividades de Aventura | Parque Xavage Cancun

For adventurers

Take control of a Monster Truck of almost 7 feet in height and width, 11 in length, and weighing a ton and a half! Drive it through a mile-long circuit of surprising obstacles (even scrap cars!) and master a road designed to put your skills to the test.

For everyone

Drivers of the Monster Truck must be at least 18 years old. Those who are younger can take part in the adventure as co-pilots, going through the same falls, jumps, bumps, shakes, difficulties, and climbs on steep ramps and incredible obstacles. Same adventure, different perspective!


Adventure tourism is a great way of deeply getting to know a destination. The best thing is that in Xavage, you’ll find options for the whole family. The key thing about kids and the park’s adventures is that the helmets and equipment must fit them correctly.

Actividades de Aventura | Parque Xavage Cancun


  • They'll be enjoying the Monster Truck as co-pilots. The seat belts are the same as the ones used in racing vehicles.
  • At the Jet Boat, they’ll enjoy the speed, the ship counts with seat belts, so they only need to hold on to the safety bar and follow the captain’s instructions.
  • At the Ropes Course, they can start with the first level and climb up according to their capacity.
  • At Kayak, they can paddle along individually or in pairs, since they’ll be wearing a lifejacket at all times. It’s a circuit to enjoy and admire the landscape.
  • In Rafting, as we mentioned, teamwork and coordination are the most important things, so with the disposition and will to have fun, kids can perfectly overcome the Class III rapids. Besides, they can accompany in the raft without paddling.
  • At Xavage, there’s a Children’s Area where they can get refreshed with waterslides, giant buckets, water jets and a wading pool.